American Indian Library Association Scholarship


             Established in July of 2000, the purpose the American Indian Library Association Scholarship shall be to provide tuition to an American Indian individual who lives and works in the American Indian community, and who is enrolled, or has been accepted and will enroll, in a masterís degree program at a university with a library and/or information sciences program accredited by the American Library Association.


             To be considered for the scholarship award, applicants must meet the following criteria:

            1.  Be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe as evidenced by the CIBC card of the applicant or be a tribal member with official documentation

            2.  Be able to demonstrate sustained involvement in the American Indian community and sustained commitment to American Indian concerns and initiatives

            3.  Be admitted to a graduate program in library and/or information sciences, accredited by the American Library Association

            4.  Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours each semester of the year of the scholarship award.

             Note: Preference will be given to applicants who are employed in a tribal library or who are currently employed in a library serving American Indian populations.  Financial need also will be considered in determining the recipients of the scholarship



             1.  Completed application forms, submitted to the Chair of the AILA Scholarship Committee, must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2005.

            2.  Enclosed with the application must be two letters of recommendation; letters should reference applicantís academic abilities, potential for professional development and contributions as a librarian, and demonstrated commitment to supporting the concerns and initiatives of the American Indian populace.

            3.  Scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply for the scholarship in a subsequent year, but may not receive a scholarship award for more that 2 consecutive years.



             1.  The scholarship applicants will be selected by a committee of 5 AILA members, appointed annually by the AILA President with the approval of the Executive Board; committee members will serve two year, staggered terms

             Note: in the first year, the committee will consist of 3 members appointed for 1 year terms and 2 members appointed for 2 year terms.

              2.  Completed application forms will be distributed to the Scholarship committee by June 1 of each year; the committee will convene prior to the AILA Annual Business Meeting to select the scholarship recipient.  The scholarship recipient will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting.

             3.  The scholarship check will be distributed to the recipient by August 15; proof of enrollment for fall semester in accredited library science program must be provided to the Scholarship Committee before check will be distributed to recipient.



             1.  The scholarship shall be administered under the By Laws of AILA.

             2.  One award of $500 will be issued annually.  However, if the Scholarship Fund should grow to an extent that sufficient income is available to finance more than one award annually, the Scholarship Committee shall have the authority to give additional awards as authorized by the Executive Board.  Additional awards will be given utilizing the same criteria as used for the initial award.

             3.  In the event that no applicants can satisfy the above requirements in a given year, no scholarship will be awarded, with the option to grant two scholarships the following year. 

             4.  AILA may accept contributions to the Scholarship Fund at any time.  All such additions shall be considered additions to the principal.



American Indian Library Association Scholarship

 Purpose: The American Indian Library Association Scholarship shall  provide (tuition) financial assistance for an American Indian who is enrolled, or has been accepted and will enroll in a masterís degree program in an American Library Association accredited library school.  Deadline for application is April 1, 2005.


 1.  Include two letters of recommendation (see criteria)

 2.  Enclose evidence of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe or Alaskan village or similar official        documentation.

 3.  Attach personal statement which addresses past and future sustained involvement in American Indian communities (not to exceed 250 words)

4.  Attach resume

 5.  Send completed application package to:

            Associate Dean Joan S. Howland

            Treasurer, American Indian Library Association

            Law Library/Law School

            229 19th Avenue South

            Minneapolis, MN   55455                                                       



American Indian Library Association Scholarship


DATE OF APPLICATION:                                            




E-mail address:                                                                                                                                   

Phone:   home:                                                                    


 Tribe/Alaska Native enrollment/affliliation:                                                                                                   

 Library School in which applicant has been accepted or enrolled:                                                               

(attach letter of acceptance or evidence of enrollment)

Address of Library School:                                                                                                                        



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